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PNDC Stories & Sharon's Comments

What better way to start to understand the Powerful Non-Defensive Communication™ process and how it works than to learn by example. Here, Sharon Strand Ellison shares real life situations along with her personal comments. Click on the links below based on your individual interests and/or need.

PNDC Issue-Focused Examples and Tips

These following examples show how to use non-defensive communication in the context of specific kinds of issues. Each of the four Issue-Focused examples here has a section for individuals, couples, parents, and professionals.

Listen to Audio Stories & More
Read by Sharon Strand Ellison

You can listen 18 cuts from CDs such (1) Taking the War Out of Our Words, book on CD, (2) Taking Power Struggle Out of Parenting, audio book, by Sharon & her daughter, Ami Atkinson Combs, and (3) PNDC Principles and Practices. You'll hear explanations about the PNDC process and stories from people who have used these skills.

PNDC audioAudio Storiesfrom CDs produced by Sharon Strand Ellison and Ami Atkinson Combs

Articles by Sharon Strand Ellison and Ami Atkinson Combs

In all the articles you'll find here, the primary focus is on concepts related to non-defensive communication, with supporting examples and stories written as one, integrated piece. Most of these articles are very short While each article has a particular focus, the concepts and examples are relevant across relationships and situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you think defensiveness is genetic?

  2. How do I ask a non-defensive question when I'm feeling angry or upset about what the other person has said?

  3. When you use PNDC does it always have a "happy ending"?

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PNDC Summary Sheet: 6 Defensive Reactions    —English

PNDC Summary Sheet: 6 Defensive Reactions   —Spanish

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